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Debate Arises on Cloud Seeding in UAE Floods

As desert nation of UAE grapples with unprecedented rainfall, causing flooding that wreaks havoc on highways and Dubai’s airport, speculation regarding the potential role of cloud seeding abound. On Wednesday, efforts to recover commenced after the heaviest rain ever recorded inundated Dubai
April 18, 2024
The Kremlin has labeled Yulia Navalnaya s comments about her husband s death as unfounded and vulgar accusations as she blamed President Putin for his death Picture Odd ANDERSEN AFP

Kremlin Refutes Claims of Putin’s Role in Navalny’s Death

On Tuesday, the Kremlin dismissed allegations made by Alexei Navalny’s widow, who claimed President Vladimir Putin was responsible for her husband’s death in prison last week. Dmitry Peskov, a Kremlin spokesperson, labeled the accusations as baseless and offensive towards the Russian President.
February 20, 2024
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China Offers Free IVF to Boost Birth Rate

China’s population is facing a decline, and the government is taking action to address the issue by offering incentives for families to have more children, including free in-vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. For decades, China had a strict one-child policy in place, which
February 5, 2023
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