ZANU-PF Mobilizes Supporters to Attend Passion Java’s Religious Event in Harare

May 9, 2024
Prophet Passion Java | Report Focus News
Prophet Passion Java

Zimbabwe’s ruling ZANU-PF party has instructed its supporters to attend a religious gathering led by self-proclaimed prophet and party advocate Passion Java. The event, known as “Night of Wonders,” will take place at the National Sports Stadium in Harare on Thursday, May 9th, and aims to fill the 60,000-seat venue.

Messages circulated on ZANU-PF social media platforms indicate that local party structures have been tasked with mobilizing attendees. According to NewsDay, ZANU-PF Harare Zone coordinator Joshua Gore directed district chairpersons in Zone 6 to rally members from constituencies including Mbare, Southerton, Sunningdale, and Harare South, as well as parts of Hatfield and Waterfalls.

Nico Hamadziripi, ZANU-PF’s secretary for transport in the area, confirmed the mobilization effort. He stated, “I can confirm that I have received a message about this, and as the transport secretary, I’ve been informed that buses will be available. District chairpersons can collect the buses from Stoddart Hall in Mbare. Java is an active member of the party, and we should support him.”

In a Facebook post promoting the event, Java invited individuals to attend, promising help for those in need. “Whether you have HIV, you need money, or have a broken leg, come to Night of Wonders,” he wrote.

Java also boldly declared that he would stop preaching if the stadium was not filled to capacity. Reports suggest that ZANU-PF is mobilizing members from across all ten provinces to ensure maximum attendance.