Palestinian Ambassador Calls for International Action Against Settler Violence in West Bank

April 15, 2024
Tamer Almassri | Report Focus News
Tamer Almassri

According to Ambassador Dr. Tamer Almassri, settler violence in the West Bank has escalated under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces, reaching “unprecedented levels.” The violence has affected over ten Palestinian villages, with settlers allegedly receiving support from the Israeli government, including arms and immunity, facilitating what Almassri describes as a “premeditated plan” for the gradual annexation of the West Bank.

Dr. Almassri’s statements highlight a severe impact on Palestinian communities, including the deaths of 470 Palestinians since October 2023 and significant displacements. He emphasises the urgent need for international intervention to halt Israeli settlement activities, dismantle settler militias, and impose sanctions on the colonial settlement system, which Palestine deems illegal.

The international community has been urged to enforce binding sanctions and demand Israel to cease its support for settler actions that Almassri claims violate international humanitarian law. Furthermore, the State of Palestine has called on the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrants against those responsible for what it considers crimes against Palestinian civilians.

This plea for action extends beyond the West Bank to the ongoing situation in Gaza, where the conflict has resulted in significant casualties, with 35,000 reported deaths, over 8,000 people trapped under rubble, and 76,000 injured. The State of Palestine is pushing for a comprehensive cessation of what it terms the “ongoing Israeli aggression” against its people, including in Jerusalem.