Zimdancehall Artist Jah Master Receives Mercedes from Businessman Wicknell Chivayo

April 12, 2024
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Zimdancehall sensation Jah Master, born Rodney Mashandure, has recently been gifted a sleek Mercedes Benz C200 by businessman Wicknell Chivayo. The car was presented as a reward for the artist’s performances at ZANU PF party events.

In a public announcement made last Friday, Chivayo praised Jah Master for his contributions to the ruling party’s gatherings and assured him of a bright future for his unwavering support. The entrepreneur, often referred to as “Sir Wicknell,” expressed his appreciation on social media, celebrating Jah Master’s dedication.

“CONGRATULATIONS MR JAH MASTER,” Chivayo posted, directing the artist to collect his new car from Enterprise Car Sales. He playfully remarked on Jah Master’s hit track “Hello Mwari,” highlighting the artist’s consistent presence and performances at ZANU PF rallies, often in his signature stage attire of shorts and cross belts, regardless of the weather.

Chivayo’s post continued with high praises for Jah Master’s role in energizing the crowds, which he linked to the party’s success in recent elections. “Your consistency and dedication in attending our ZANU PF rallies can never be forgotten,” he added.

Jah Master joins a list of musicians who have previously received vehicles from Chivayo, including well-known figures such as Jah Prayzah, Sandra Ndebele, and Alick Macheso. This gesture is seen as part of Chivayo’s ongoing support for artists who align with and entertain at political events.

The relationship between politics and the music industry in Zimbabwe has often sparked discussions about the implications for artistic freedom and independence. However, for now, Jah Master can enjoy the perks of his affiliation as he continues to make music and perform for his fans.