ActionAid Zimbabwe Calls for Economic Confidence Restoration Over New Currency Introduction

April 8, 2024
ActionAid Zimbabwe Calls for Economic Confidence Restoration Over New Currency Introduction | Report Focus News
ActionAid Zimbabwe Calls for Economic Confidence Restoration Over New Currency Introduction

In a poignant response to Zimbabwe’s announcement of a new currency dubbed Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG), ActionAid Zimbabwe has voiced its concerns, emphasizing the necessity for economic stability and confidence restoration rather than introducing another form of currency. As a leading advocate for social justice and poverty eradication, the NGO remains committed to the economic welfare of Zimbabweans, scrutinizing the government’s recent moves with a critical eye.

ActionAid Zimbabwe highlighted the perennial struggle Zimbabwe faces with currency instability, which has seen the introduction of various currencies, each promising economic revival. “We have witnessed the introduction of various currencies, each accompanied by promises of economic recovery,” the organization stated, pointing out that these initiatives often fall short of expectations, plunging the populace into further economic uncertainty and hardship.

The NGO firmly believes that the introduction of the ZiG currency could potentially repeat historical mistakes, offering a temporary solution that fails to genuinely bolster confidence among the Zimbabwean people. “Instead of addressing the root causes of the country’s economic challenges, it offers a temporary fix that fails to inspire confidence among Zimbabweans,” the organization remarked.

In its call to action, ActionAid Zimbabwe urges the government to embark on comprehensive reforms tackling corruption, mismanagement, and transparency issues. The NGO advocates for measures that foster investment-friendly environments, promote accountability, and prioritize the needs of ordinary Zimbabweans over superficial monetary solutions.

Moreover, ActionAid Zimbabwe encourages policymakers to engage in constructive dialogue with all societal sectors to forge sustainable, inclusive solutions for the nation’s economic woes. The organization remains vigilant, vowing to keep a close watch on developments concerning the ZiG currency and to advocate relentlessly for the interests of the most vulnerable groups.

Concluding its statement, ActionAid Zimbabwe reiterated the need for a fundamental shift towards a more inclusive and equitable economy, emphasizing that genuine reform and a steadfast commitment to the welfare of all citizens are essential for a prosperous Zimbabwean future.

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