Police drive into woman, breaking her pelvis and drive off after unleashing rubber bullets into crowd

March 31, 2024
Increasing cases of police recklessness in South Africa | Report Focus News
SAPS continued recklessness: Nolwazi Tokhwe from Capricorn in Cape Town is being treated at Victoria Hospital after she was knocked by a police van late on Saturday night. Archive photo: Sune Payne

Cape Town | Nolwazi Tokhwe, a resident of Capricon, is currently undergoing treatment at Victoria Hospital for a broken pelvis, fractured spine, and an injured right arm. She recounts the harrowing experience of being struck by an SAPS police van while attempting to fetch her relatives from a nearby street party. Despite the presence of law enforcement officers at the scene, eyewitnesses claim that none came to her aid.

Tokhwe vividly recalls the moment of impact when the speeding police van collided with her in the darkness of the night, leaving her lying helpless on the road. The chaos escalated as she heard what sounded like rubber bullets being fired to disperse the crowd. Despite her pleas for help, the SAPS officers remained indifferent to her suffering, focusing solely on dispersing the partygoers.

As she continues her painful recovery, Tokhwe is adamant about identifying the SAPS officer responsible for her injuries. She plans to take legal action against him, alleging negligence and a lack of regard for her well-being.

Eyewitnesses from the street party recount the terrifying scene, describing how two SAPS police vans careened into the crowd, causing widespread panic and confusion. Amidst the chaos, cries of pain and fear reverberated through the night as partygoers scrambled for safety.

In response to the incident, Muizenberg police have initiated an investigation into allegations of reckless driving and public violence. However, questions linger regarding the actions of the officers involved and the level of accountability they will face.

EFF members demonstrating at SAPS, Muizenburg police station
Residents from Capricorn, supported by EFF members, marched to Muizenberg police station on Tuesday, calling for an investigation into the incident. Photo: Ashraf Hendricks

Frustrated by what they perceive as a lack of accountability from law enforcement authorities, members of the community, along with supporters from the EFF, organized a march to the Muizenberg police station. Their demands for justice for Tokhwe and accountability for the SAPS officer responsible echo through the streets as they refuse to relent until their voices are heard.