Cape Town man drowns while on holiday in Mossel Bay

March 31, 2024
A man drowned while on holiday in Mossel Bay | Report Focus News
A man on holiday with his family drowned while fishing with friends in Mossel Bay in the Western Cape on Easter Friday.

A holiday outing turned tragic when a man from Strand, Cape Town, lost his life while enjoying a fishing trip with friends in Mossel Bay, Western Cape. According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), the incident occurred on Friday as the group engaged in shoreline angling from a shallow sand bank in Dana Bay. Reports indicate that the victim was swept away by a sudden current, leaving his companions in shock and distress.

Prompt action was taken by an off-duty fire and rescue services officer who promptly alerted the NSRI Mossel Bay crew upon witnessing the unfolding tragedy. A swift response ensued, with a multi-agency team comprising NSRI rescue craft, emergency vehicles, rescue swimmers, and various local authorities rushing to the scene.

Man drowns in Mossel Bay despite efforts by NSRI swimmers to rescue him
Members of the public spotted the second man in the surf zone and he was recovered to the beach by an NSRI rescue swimmer and fire and rescue services swimmers.

Despite valiant efforts to locate and rescue the missing individual, tragically, he could not be saved. NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon recounted the harrowing events, stating, “His friend tried to save him but also it appears he got into difficulty before being able to get to shore where he was assisted.” Fortunately, one individual was successfully rescued from the water unharmed.

The community’s vigilance played a crucial role as members of the public spotted the second man in the surf zone, enabling swift retrieval by NSRI and fire and rescue services swimmers. However, despite CPR efforts by paramedics, the man, aged 32, could not be revived.

The sombre incident underscores the unpredictable dangers of coastal activities, prompting authorities to launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. The deceased’s body was respectfully handled by government health forensic pathology services as law enforcement agencies pursue an inquest into the heart breaking loss.