14 Injured in Road Accident Over Easter Holiday in Zimbabwe

March 31, 2024
14 Injured in Road Accident Over Easter Holiday in Zimbabwe | Report Focus News
14 Injured in Road Accident Over Easter Holiday in Zimbabwe

Fourteen people were injured in a significant road traffic accident during the Easter holiday, marking the only major incident on Zimbabwe’s roads as of last night, according to police reports.

The accident involved a Zambia-bound bus operated by Andile Coaches, which veered off the Harare-Chirundu Road and overturned, eventually landing in a ditch. This unfortunate event occurred at the 302-kilometre peg along the road on Friday, police confirmed.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, speaking on behalf of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), detailed the incident, noting that it took place at around 12:38 PM on March 29, 2024. The bus was reported to be carrying 19 passengers at the time of the accident.

“In response to the incident, three of the injured passengers were quickly taken to Karoi District Hospital, while twelve others were transported to Mutendere Hospital in Zambia for treatment,” Nyathi stated, highlighting the swift action taken to assist the victims.

The police have issued a warning to motorists, urging them to exercise caution on the roads, especially during the holiday season. Nyathi emphasized the importance of adhering to safe driving practices to prevent such accidents in the future.

A further update on road traffic incidents during the Easter holiday is expected to be released by the ZRP on April 2, 2024, as the holiday period continues.

Prior to the holiday, Commissioner-General Matanga had appealed to Christian worshippers and church leaders to avoid night travel and ensure the use of safe and reliable transportation to minimize the risk of road accidents. This recent accident underscores the ongoing concerns about road safety in Zimbabwe, particularly during major holidays when traffic increases.

As the country reflects on this incident, authorities remain vigilant, with a focus on promoting safety and preventing further tragedies on the roads. The community’s thoughts are with those affected by this accident as they recover.