Zimbabwe Intensifies Police Presence and Road Safety Measures for Easter 2024

March 28, 2024
Commissioner General of Police Tandabantu Godwin Matanga | Report Focus News
Commissioner General of Police Tandabantu Godwin Matanga

HARARE, ZIMBABWE – The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has unveiled stringent security and traffic regulations ahead of the Easter 2024 holidays, as stated by Commissioner-General of Police, Tandabantu Godwin Matanga. This initiative aims to significantly reduce crime and prevent road traffic accidents during a period marked by heightened travel activity.

Commissioner-General Matanga announced enhanced police deployments across Zimbabwe, targeting illegal pirate taxis, locally referred to as mushikashika, and unlicensed buses. These vehicles will not be permitted to pass through police checkpoints and roadblocks, signaling a strict enforcement against unregulated public transport operators.

The ZRP’s efforts also extend to road safety, with a particular focus on the enforcement of speed limits for public service vehicles. The initiative, centered around the speed limiting technology stationed at Harare Central, is designed to monitor and penalize bus drivers who exceed the speed limits established by Statutory Instrument 118/2023. Matanga urged bus operators not yet compliant with the speed limit mechanism to adopt this crucial safety measure.

Addressing vehicle roadworthiness, the Commissioner-General stated that the police would impound any vehicle deemed unroadworthy and arrest drivers found operating under the influence of alcohol. With the Easter holiday being a popular time for pilgrimages and large gatherings, he advised against night travel to reduce accident risks and called on church leaders to ensure the safety and appropriateness of transportation for congregants.

The ZRP’s plan also includes measures to protect school children from drug and substance abuse during the holiday, with increased patrols in residential, industrial, and shopping areas aimed at deterring drug peddlers.

In line with maintaining public order, the police force will rigorously enforce compliance with the Liquor Act Chapter 14:12, targeting unlicensed liquor outlets and shebeens for closure, while their operators will face arrest.

Highlighting the fight against corruption, Matanga emphasized that the ZRP would take decisive action against corrupt practices on the roads, supporting the zero-tolerance stance announced by the Honourable Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage on March 27, 2024. The public is encouraged to report any instances of corruption or criminal activities directly to the police.

As the country prepares for the Easter festivities, Commissioner-General Matanga’s message to Zimbabweans and visitors is one of assurance for a secure, crime, and accident-free holiday, reaffirming the ZRP’s dedication to public safety and law enforcement.