Who is Sydney Mfundo Gcaba and What’s His Connection to AKA’s Murder Case?

March 28, 2024
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Recently, Sydney Mfundo Gcaba, purportedly a nephew of Jacob Zuma, has found himself entangled in the legal proceedings surrounding AKA’s murder case. According to a report by Power 98.7, the prosecution alleged that approximately R800,000, funnelled into the bank account of accused number four, Mziwethemba Gwabeni, originated from Sydney Mfundo Gcaba. This revelation has prompted curiosity among social media users, prompting questions about Gcaba’s association with the infamous Gcaba brothers.

The Gcaba brothers, known as Abafana BakaGcaba in Zulu, have a long-standing history rooted in Umlazi since the 1970s, established by the late Simon Mkhulekelwa Gcaba. Despite his demise in a brazen hit in 1996, his entrepreneurial legacy endured, with businesses like Sonke and Mama’s Bakery continuing to thrive. Simon Gcaba’s extensive family, including five wives and numerous children, contributed to the expansion of the Gcaba brothers’ business empire.

Among Simon Gcaba’s descendants, Sthembiso and Mfundo stand out as prominent figures, alongside others like Mandla, Nkosikhona, Mpilo, and several more. Reports suggest that the Gcaba family operates a diverse fleet of vehicles, from taxis to buses, further solidifying their influence in Umlazi and surrounding areas.

Regarding the AKA murder case, the State alleges that funds traced back to Sydney Mfundo Gcaba’s business account were funnelled to one of the co-accused, Mziwethemba Gwabeni, who subsequently dispersed a portion of the sum. This financial trail has led to heightened scrutiny and speculation surrounding Gcaba’s involvement.

In addition to the legal entanglements, there are familial ties linking the Gcaba family to Jacob Zuma. Reports suggest that Gcaba is a relative of the former president, with Mandla Gcaba expressing full support for Zuma. Mandla emphasized the familial bond, stating their commitment to aiding Zuma and his household in various capacities.

As the legal proceedings unfold, Tony Forbes, AKA’s father, remains hopeful for progress in the case. He anticipates further arrests until the true mastermind behind his son’s murder is apprehended. The intertwining narratives of familial ties, legal disputes, and criminal allegations underscore the complexity of the situation surrounding Sydney Mfundo Gcaba and the broader Gcaba family.