Zanu PF Legislator Allegedly Takes Control of US$1.2 Million Community Funds

March 26, 2024
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The legislator is additionally charged with marginalizing fellow Members of Parliament representing Mutare North and Mutare South, whose respective constituencies are intended beneficiaries of the allocated funds.

Mutare, Zimbabwe | Accusations have emerged against Nyasha Marange, the Zanu PF Mutare West legislator, regarding his purported demand for sole control over US$1.2 million allocated to the Chiadzwa Community Ownership Trust. Traditional leaders in Marange have voiced concerns over Marange’s actions, alleging that he has side-lined fellow Members of Parliament from Mutare North and Mutare South, whose constituencies are entitled to benefit from the funds.

Reports indicate that Marange has asserted himself as the manager of the funds, triggering significant infighting within the community. Villagers who were resettled to Arda Transau in Odzi following their displacement from Chiadzwa due to diamond mining operations are also asserting their right to a portion of the funds.

Expressing their discontent, a village head, speaking anonymously, criticized Marange’s interference and highlighted efforts to address the matter through higher authorities. The village head questioned Marange’s unilateral claim over the entire US$1.2 million, alleging political influence and connections to President Emmerson Mnangagwa as factors shielding Marange from accountability.

Marange, however, has refuted these allegations, dismissing them as attempts to tarnish his reputation. In an interview with, Marange assured that all three constituencies—Mutare West, Mutare North, and Mutare South—would benefit from the funds, emphasizing the implementation of community development projects such as borehole drilling.

The Chiadzwa Community Development Trust, which oversees the allocation of these funds, aims to support communities affected by diamond mining activities in the Marange area. Projects facilitated by the trust encompass various aspects of community development, including the preservation of cultural heritage sites and infrastructure initiatives.