Mother of missing girl who captivated South Africa’s attention charged with selling her

March 25, 2024
Joslin has been missing for weeks | Report Focus News
Joslin has been missing for weeks

A six-year-old girl’s disappearance has gripped the attention of South Africa, unveiling a startling revelation as her mother faces charges of involvement in her abduction and trafficking. Joslin Smith, missing for nearly three weeks, remains elusive, prompting a fervent plea from authorities for any information regarding her whereabouts.

Amidst suspicions swirling in the local community near Saldanha Bay, where the family resides, reports emerged alleging the mother, Kelly Smith—also known as Racquel Chantel Smith—had purportedly sold her daughter for a sum just exceeding $1,000. The unsettling discovery of discarded children’s clothing near their home intensified concerns, suggesting a grim turn of events.

<p> The mother of missing 6-year-old Joslin Smith, Kelly Smith, appears in court in Vredenburg, South Africa</p>
The mother of missing 6-year-old Joslin Smith, Kelly Smith, appears in court in Vredenburg, South Africa

Kelly Smith, who is currently pregnant, along with three others including her boyfriend, now stands accused of kidnapping and human trafficking offenses. Despite her claim of leaving Joslin in the care of her partner while she attended work, the child was reported missing on the same day. The suspects, yet to enter a plea, await further proceedings while held in custody.

Despite extensive search efforts involving law enforcement and community volunteers equipped with specialized teams, Joslin remains unaccounted for. The recovery of clothing, allegedly stained with blood, near the settlement where she lived only deepens the urgency of the search.

In court documents, prosecutors assert that Kelly Smith and her associates conspired in Joslin’s abduction and subsequent sale or exchange. The severity of the charges carries a potential life sentence if convicted, reflecting the gravity of the situation.

As the suspects were escorted from the courthouse amidst a clamor for justice, authorities emphasized the ongoing pursuit to locate Joslin, acknowledging the possibility of further arrests while underscoring the paramount importance of finding the child unharmed.