Married, Pregnant Woman Fakes Kidnapping And Shares Ransom Money with Boyfriend

March 21, 2024
Pregnant woman arrested for faking own kidnap sharing ransom with boyfriend | Report Focus News
Pregnant woman arrested for faking own kidnap sharing ransom with boyfriend

The police in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have apprehended a pregnant woman who orchestrated her own kidnapping, leading her husband to pay a hefty ransom of N2 million. The intricate scheme took a bizarre twist when it was revealed that the woman had colluded with her boyfriend to execute the plan.

The husband initially reported to the police that his wife had disappeared after supposedly going for antenatal care at the hospital. Identified as Chiedozie Ubah, he expressed deep concern for his missing wife, Rosemary Ubah, prompting an investigation by the FCT police command.

Subsequent inquiries led to the startling revelation that Rosemary had not been abducted but had conspired with her boyfriend to fabricate the entire ordeal. Benneth Igweh, the Commissioner of Police for the FCT, disclosed this unsettling development via a tweet and accompanying video on Wednesday, March 20.

According to police findings, Rosemary and her boyfriend meticulously planned the sham, with Rosemary playing the role of the victim. In a calculated move, Chiedozie received a distressing call demanding a ransom of N2 million for his wife’s purported release. Succumbing to the pressure, he complied and transferred the exorbitant sum to his wife’s account, hoping for her safe return.

After the ransom was paid and Rosemary was “freed,” the truth began to unravel. Chiedozie, refusing to overlook the suspicious circumstances, escorted his wife to the police station for further investigation. There, confronted by authorities, Rosemary confessed to the elaborate hoax, implicating her boyfriend, Walter Ezeala, as her accomplice.

The subsequent arrest of Rosemary and Walter yielded a significant discovery: a substantial portion of the ransom money, totalling N793,500, was recovered from them. It was revealed that Rosemary had pocketed N1.2 million, while her boyfriend received N800,000 as their ill-gotten gains.