Harare Mayor Orders Investigation into Allegations of Police Brutality

March 20, 2024
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Jacob Mafume, Mayor of Harare,

The Mayor of Harare, His Worship, Councillor Jacob Mafume, has taken decisive action following allegations of police brutality that have emerged from a disturbing incident caught on video. The footage, which has rapidly gained attention online, displays a group of men, identified as civilian-clad municipal officers, assaulting a local vendor.

In response to the uproar caused by the video, Mayor Mafume has called for a thorough investigation to uncover the facts surrounding the incident. The mayor’s commitment to addressing this serious issue was articulated in a recent press statement, where he underscored the importance of human rights in policing practices.

“We are the primary police force in our city, and we interact most closely with the public. Our methods must align with human rights principles,” Mayor Mafume stated, expressing his dedication to upholding the principles of justice and human dignity within the city’s law enforcement agencies.

To further this commitment, Mayor Mafume announced plans to introduce mandatory human rights courses for municipal officers. This educational initiative aims to ensure that all personnel are well-versed in human rights standards and are equipped to apply these principles in their daily interactions with the public.

Additionally, the mayor addressed the need for a harmonious relationship between municipal officers and the city’s vendors. Acknowledging the critical role that vendors play in the local economy, Mayor Mafume emphasized the importance of fostering a cooperative and respectful environment for all parties involved.

In his statement, Mayor Mafume also highlighted the necessity of maintaining a positive image of the institution. He assured the public that appropriate disciplinary measures would be taken against any city employees found to be involved in the incident, reinforcing his administration’s zero-tolerance policy towards misconduct.

As the investigation progresses, the mayor’s office has pledged to keep the public informed and to take all necessary steps to ensure accountability and justice. The introduction of human rights training for municipal officers marks a significant step towards achieving a more ethical and humane approach to policing in Harare, reflecting the city’s commitment to safeguarding the rights and dignity of all its residents.