Iyasa Dance Group Burglarized, Prestigious Awards Stolen

March 16, 2024
Nkululeko Dube | Report Focus News
Nkululeko Dube

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe – In a disheartening event, the celebrated dance group Iyasa’s offices in Bulawayo were burglarized late Thursday night, leading to the theft of several of the group’s most esteemed awards and valuable equipment.

According to a statement released on their Facebook account, the group reported the loss of six prestigious awards and a PA system mixer, among other vital office materials. The burglary has left the team in a state of shock and concern over the disappearance of items that hold significant importance to their legacy and achievements in the arts.

“The awards hold significant importance to our institution, and we are deeply concerned about their disappearance,” the group expressed in their online statement. The stolen accolades include three National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) for Outstanding Dance Ensemble, two Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards for Outstanding Dance Ensemble, and one National Arts Merit Award presented to the group’s Director, Mr. Nkululeko Innocent Dube, in the category of NAMA Legend Award.

Iyasa has been a beacon of cultural and artistic excellence, with their work not only celebrated locally but also internationally, making the loss even more grievous.

The group has officially reported the incident to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for further investigation. In a bid to recover the stolen items, Iyasa is reaching out to the public for assistance. “We kindly request your assistance in locating these awards, as they represent not only our achievements but also our commitment to excellence in the arts. Any information or leads would be greatly appreciated,” the group stated, hoping for the community’s support in these trying times.

The theft of these awards is not just a loss for Iyasa but a blow to the arts community in Zimbabwe, symbolizing a disrespect for cultural achievements and heritage. The group remains hopeful for the return of their cherished awards and calls on anyone with information to come forward to assist in their recovery.