Power Disruption Hits National Grid, ZESA Holdings Responds with Swift Action

March 13, 2024
| Report Focus News

Residents across the nation experienced an unexpected power outage today as ZESA Holdings announced a significant system disturbance within the national grid. The event occurred in the early hours of the morning at precisely 0938 hours, which led to a loss of generation capability at the Hwange Power Station, a key component in the country’s energy infrastructure.

The outage has necessitated widespread load curtailment, a measure used to balance the supply and demand of electricity, leading to power cuts across various regions. As businesses and daily life were disrupted, ZESA Holdings has assured the public that their engineers are ‘working flat out’ to restore electricity services in the shortest possible time frame.

In a statement released by their Stakeholder Relations department today, ZESA Holdings extended a sincere apology to its customers for the inconvenience caused by the power loss. The company has been proactively communicating updates and is dedicating extensive resources to address the outage.

While the full extent of the disturbance is still being assessed, ZESA Holdings has been transparent in their approach to managing the situation. With a commitment to reliability and customer service, the company is focused on remedying the outage swiftly and efficiently.

For continuous updates on the power supply situation, customers can visit the ZESA Holdings website or follow their official social media channels.

ZESA Holdings remains firm in its commitment to providing stable and consistent power to the nation and is working diligently to prevent future disruptions of this magnitude.