Sbahle Mpisane Flaunts ‘Miss Hourglass’ Look After Breast Augmentation

March 9, 2024
Sbahle Mpisane reveals she got breast implants | Report Focus News
Sbahle Mpisane discloses her recent breast augmentation procedure

Fitness influencer and reality TV star, Sbahle Mpisane, recently unveiled her latest transformation on Instagram, proudly embracing the moniker ‘Miss Hourglass.’ Sharing images from her recent breast augmentation, Sbahle expressed satisfaction with her newfound confidence.

In a candid conversation with YouTuber Owamie Netshivhazwaulo, Sbahle explained her decision to undergo the surgery. Despite regularly sharing stunning bikini pictures, she often faced negative comments, particularly about her breasts. This influenced her choice to enhance her body proportions through breast augmentation.

The procedure marks another step in Sbahle’s journey of self-improvement following a serious car accident in 2018. Recovering from the accident, she sought treatments at Skin Renewal in Sandton, including a 3D rhinoplasty non-surgical nose job, the RID weight loss program, and facials to address hormonal weight gain.

Sbahle’s commitment to her well-being is evident, and her recent breast augmentation adds another chapter to her transformative journey. As ‘Miss Hourglass,’ she confidently showcases resilience and self-empowerment.