Family Condemns Violence at Moreblessing Ali’s Funeral

March 3, 2024
Moreblessing Ali funeral | Report Focus News
Moreblessing Ali funeral

Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe – The burial of Moreblessing Ali, held at Zororo Memorial Park on Saturday, March 2, 2024, turned chaotic as violence erupted among attendees, casting a shadow over the solemn occasion. The late Moreblessing Ali’s family has voiced their strong condemnation of the distressing events that unfolded, highlighting a day meant for mourning transformed into a scene of discord.

According to eyewitness accounts, the confrontation involved individuals identified as supporters of the opposition, with some allegedly linked to former Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) president Nelson Chamisa, and others purported to be followers of the Ali family’s legal representative, Job Sikhala, a distinguished former vice chairman of the CCC.

The root cause of the altercation remains unclear; however, reports suggest that Chamisa’s supporters obstructed Sikhala from delivering a eulogy, accusing him of abandoning the opposition’s cause. This accusation stems from the complex political landscape in Zimbabwe, where the lines between personal loyalty and political affiliation often blur.

In a heartfelt statement released by the family, Washington Ali, brother of the deceased and the family’s spokesperson, articulated their dismay and the actions they have taken in response to the incidents. “The violence that erupted during our beloved Moreblessing’s burial was not only distressing but utterly unacceptable,” he stated. “This was a time to honor her memory, not to engage in political squabbles.”

The Ali family had previously stipulated that the burial would not proceed until Job Sikhala, who had been representing the family following Moreblessing’s disappearance in May 2022, was released from custody. Sikhala’s involvement was crucial for the family in navigating the complexities of their legal and emotional ordeal.

“We had hoped for a dignified farewell, free from the political tensions that unfortunately took center stage,” Washington Ali explained. “Our decision to delay the burial until Hon. Sikhala’s release was a testament to the integral role he played in our quest for justice for Moreblessing.”

The family’s statement further emphasized their intention to keep the burial a private and apolitical event, respecting their wishes and the memory of Moreblessing. Despite their efforts, the intrusion of political agendas led to a breach of peace, prompting them to report the matter to the authorities.

“We are a family united in grief, seeking to lay our loved one to rest in peace,” Washington Ali remarked. “The unwelcome and violent disruptions have only deepened our sorrow. We call upon all parties to respect the sanctity of funeral services and uphold dignity in mourning.”

The family has formally involved law enforcement to address the situation, hoping to prevent similar occurrences in the future. As the community reflects on the events, the call for respect and peace at funerals stands out as a poignant reminder of the basic human decency owed to each other, even in times of political and personal discord.