Nelson Chamisa Clarifies Stance Amid Political Turmoil

March 2, 2024
| Report Focus News

In a recent development, Nelson Chamisa, the former leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has emphatically distanced himself from affiliations with any political entities following his departure from the party in January. The statement came in response to allegations linking him to a contentious takeover of CCC’s Bulawayo offices.

A legal battle has unfolded as Sengezo Tshabangu, identifying as the CCC’s interim secretary-general, lodged a High Court application demanding the eviction of individuals allegedly acting under Chamisa’s instructions. The dispute centers around the occupation of the CCC’s provincial headquarters in Bulawayo, where it was reported that a group forcefully claimed the premises, sparking rumors of Chamisa’s intentions to establish a new political movement symbolized by the color blue.

Tshabangu’s affidavit recounts the incident, alleging that around 25 to 30 persons, ostensibly representing Chamisa, overran the CCC’s offices at 41 Fort Street in Bulawayo. However, Chamisa refutes these claims, categorizing the legal action as baseless and an unjustified pursuit against him.

“I am currently unaffiliated with any movement, grouping, or political party,” Chamisa articulated, denying any involvement in the events described by Tshabangu. He further clarified that since resigning from his position at CCC, he has not visited Bulawayo, dismissing any allegations of his complicity in the office takeover.

Chamisa also criticized Tshabangu’s motivations behind the court filing, suggesting it was an attempt to leverage legal proceedings for personal prominence. Moreover, he pointed out the irony in the ongoing use of his likeness by the CCC, despite his clear separation from the party and its activities.

This declaration comes amid speculation and anticipation among Chamisa’s supporters regarding the potential formation of a new opposition party, reportedly to be represented by the color blue. Chamisa’s distancing from the CCC and the unfolding legal drama signal a complex chapter in Zimbabwe’s political narrative, as the country navigates through its ever-evolving political landscape.