Triple Delight: Arsenal Fans Blitz Hospital with Gifts as Woman Names Triplets after Star Players

March 1, 2024
Epakan Ekaale was visited by excited Arsenal fans | Report Focus News
Excited Arsenal fans visit triplet mum in hospital

In a plot twist that even the most seasoned scriptwriters couldn’t have concocted, a Kenyan woman, Epakan Ekaale, sent shockwaves through her community when she delivered not one, not two, but three tiny Gunners-in-the-making. What’s more, these tiny tots have been bestowed with names that resonate with every true Arsenal fan.

Baby Gunners: Gabriel, Gabriel, and Gabriel!

It’s a hat-trick of joy for Epakan as she named her triplets after three standout Arsenal players – introducing the future midfield maestros: Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Magalles, and Gabriel Jesus. Clearly, the influence of the Gunners runs deep in this family.

Arsenal Fans Mount an Unforgettable Blitz

News of Epakan’s triple delivery spread like wildfire, prompting Arsenal fans in her locality to launch a full-scale gift invasion at Kakuma Mission Hospital. Decked out in their Arsenal jerseys, these fans arrived bearing gifts fit for mini-football legends – from baby formula to jerseys, diapers, and even laundry detergent. Because let’s face it, babies might score a lot of goals, but they also tend to create a lot of laundry.

Baby Booties and Jerseys Galore

Pictures from the hospital ward captured the surreal sight of Arsenal fans proudly sporting their club colours alongside the new-born trio. The gifts kept pouring in within just five hours of Epakan’s delivery, leaving the hospital ward looking more like an Arsenal fan zone than a maternity ward.

Fan Reactions: A Comedy of Champions League Banter

As news circulated, reactions flooded in, creating a humorous symphony of banter:

@MrKayBryton quipped, “They won’t be taking tea….because they will get no cups.”

@kiperics10 fired back, “Naming children after people with zero Champions League medals? Failure!”

@farhiyaabass offered heartfelt congratulations, “May God bless her and her young ones.”

@UGLawyer played the optimism card, “If this doesn’t inspire Arsenal to win a Champions League trophy, I don’t know what will. Nonetheless, congratulations miss Arsenal upon this personal milestone.”

@Cheptarei_timy had some transfer suggestions, “Should be big names like Mane, Salah and Firmino.”

@idolmessi30 saw a strategic move, “Mother that she’s trying to get her triplets into football from the start of their life.”

@AlinurMohamed_ predicted success, “Those kids will succeed in life just like the way the three Gabriels have succeeded. God bless them.”

In the end, it seems Epakan not only brought three new stars into the world but also sparked a storyline that could rival the most thrilling football sagas. As these tiny Gunners kick off their life’s adventure, the Arsenal community stands in solidarity, eager to witness the unfolding chapters of their future. Congratulations, Epakan – you’ve not just delivered triplets, but you’ve also given us a plotline filled with the promise of future cheers and football magic! The story is just beginning, and we can’t wait to see how these little Gunners will score in the game of life.