President Mnangagwa Aircraft Diverted in High Alert Bomb Scare at Victoria Falls Airport

March 1, 2024
President Mnangagwa | Report Focus News
President Mnangagwa

In a recent unsettling turn of events at Victoria Falls International Airport, the journey of President Emmerson Mnangagwa was abruptly altered due to a bomb scare. An anonymous email sent to Fastjet Airlines by an individual using the name “John Doe” claimed a “credible bomb/firearm threat” targeting Zimbabwean airports. This alarming communication compelled the President’s Falcon 7X aircraft to make a precautionary return to Harare. President Mnangagwa was scheduled to address a significant conference in Victoria Falls, a destination celebrated for its allure and hospitality.

The Zimbabwe Airport Authorities promptly heightened security measures across all ports of entry in response to the threat. The veracity and source of the threat are currently under thorough investigation. George Charamba, the Presidential spokesperson, confirmed the immediate response to the media, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to peace and the robust security of its transportation hubs. “Our country is peaceful, and all our ports of entry are well secured,” Charamba stated. “However, alerts on possible terrorist attacks are taken very seriously, as nothing should be left to chance.”

The repercussions of the bomb scare rippled through the aviation sector, affecting not only the President’s plans but also other airlines. A flight from Nairobi operated by Kenyan Airways was delayed, circling in a holding pattern before being redirected to Livingstone, Zambia. The disruption caused widespread delays, underscoring the far-reaching impact of such threats and prompting a stringent review of safety protocols.

This incident casts a shadow over Zimbabwe, reminiscent of the June 2018 assassination attempt against President Mnangagwa, which involved a bomb detonation at White City Stadium. That attack, which tragically resulted in the loss of two security officials, has since led to increased vigilance against acts of terrorism.

In the wake of the recent scare, the Zimbabwean authorities have reiterated their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of all within their borders. This commitment is evident in their steadfast resolve to prevent any form of terrorist activity and maintain the nation’s peace and security. The government has urged the public to remain calm while investigations are underway and assured that the results will be made public by relevant arms of the government once concluded.

As the situation unfolds, the people of Zimbabwe await the outcome of the investigations, hopeful that their country’s reputation for hospitality and safety will remain unblemished.