Harare Heist: Six Detained Over $700,000 Robbery at Financial Services Firm

February 29, 2024
Individuals Arrested in Connection with the Armed Heist at Quest Financial Services | Report Focus News
Individuals Arrested in Connection with the Armed Heist at Quest Financial Services

In a recent crackdown, Harare police have apprehended six individuals linked to a daring armed robbery at Quest Financial Services, which resulted in the loss of over $700,000. The suspects, identified as Washington Mangwanda (21), Brighton Chikuwa (27), Silence Matambo (27), Liberty Mukangaise (31), Richard Marondera (25), and Luke Zinyengere (28), are currently being held for further investigation pending their initial court remand.

The group made a brief appearance before Harare Magistrate Donald Ndirowei, where the state secured a warrant for their extended detention. Anesu Chirenje, representing the National Prosecuting Authority, stated the necessity of this measure for conducting thorough investigations, including the retrieval of stolen funds and items purchased with the proceeds of the crime.

The heist, executed with precision in the early hours of a Sunday, targeted Quest Financial Services located on Rochester Road, Belgravia. The establishment, which operates a money transfer and bureau de change service, was infiltrated by the robbers who overcame security barriers using firearms, explosives, and heavy-duty equipment. A 47-year-old gardener was taken hostage during the ordeal, which culminated in the theft of significant cash amounts and valuables.

Initial investigations suggest an inside job, with confidential information believed to have been leaked to the perpetrators. Despite their swift response, a security team from Safe Guard could only recover $5,000 dropped by the robbers as they made their escape. The police have since recovered close to $100,000 of the stolen funds, according to sources within the force.

The robbery not only underscores the vulnerabilities faced by businesses operating in residential areas but also highlights the challenges of ensuring security for high-value assets. The incident has prompted a review of security measures by local businesses, especially those handling large sums of money.

The suspects are due back in court on March 1 for their initial remand hearing, as the police continue their efforts to recover the remainder of the stolen funds and bring all involved parties to justice.