Canadian Province Puts 2-year Ban On New Enrolment Of Nigerians And Other International Students

January 31, 2024
| Report Focus News
British Columbia bans new International student enrolments

In a move to address “exploitive practices” in the international education system, British Columbia is implementing a two-year freeze on new enrolments from Nigerians and other international students. Post-Secondary Education Minister Selina Robinson aims to rectify issues such as poor-quality education and the misleading practices of certain private institutions.

The decision comes after an investigation revealed instances of students being placed in online classes despite promises of in-class instruction. Robinson emphasized the need to protect students from misinformation and announced the establishment of minimum language requirements at private institutions to better prepare international students.

With over 175,000 international post-secondary students in B.C., of which 54% are enrolled in private institutions, the province plans to enhance school inspections to ensure standards are met. Robinson acknowledged that fear of visa repercussions prevents many students from lodging complaints, leading to the development of a proactive evaluation system on-site.

The two-year pause will provide the province with time to assess the impact of recent changes, including the federal government’s study permit cap over the next two years. This decisive action aims to safeguard the interests of international students and maintain the integrity of British Columbia’s education system.