Jacob Ngarivhume Advocates Collective Action for Political Change

January 17, 2024
| Report Focus News

Jacob Ngarivhume, the prominent leader of Transform Zimbabwe, is emphasizing the critical need for collective action among citizens to challenge the ruling party, ZANU PF, and bring about meaningful political change in the country. In an interview on Asakhe’s “This Morning,” hosted by CITE on Tuesday, Ngarivhume stressed the importance of moving beyond individual politicians and fostering better coordination within the opposition.

“None but ourselves can free ourselves as Zimbabweans. This is what Transform Zimbabwe strongly feels,” declared Ngarivhume, urging a united front against the well-coordinated strategies employed by ZANU PF. He highlighted the regime’s control over the courts and prison system, emphasizing the need for a similarly well-coordinated response from the opposition.

According to Ngarivhume, the opposition must unite and transcend the focus on individual personalities, instead promoting a shared vision among Zimbabweans. He underscored the urgency of a collective response to challenges facing the nation, particularly in light of the ZANU PF’s effective coordination in suppressing dissent.

Reflecting on his own detention, Ngarivhume emphasized the necessity of support and solidarity among political activists, especially during times of arrest. “In the struggle, you need to stand up for another,” he stated, calling for a unified voice against oppression.

Ngarivhume called on citizens to challenge decisions impacting their lives directly, such as the recent national budget that imposed tax increases on an already struggling population. He urged Zimbabweans to reject such actions and demand an end to corruption, even advocating for street protests if necessary.

In addressing the need for citizens to take initiative, Ngarivhume called for a rejection of external intervention, emphasizing the importance of Zimbabweans determining their fate. He urged the opposition to find common ground in their fight against a regime that, he believes, consistently ignores the voices of the people.

The Transform Zimbabwe leader also expressed concern for fellow activists, specifically mentioning the upcoming court appearance of Sikhala on January 24, 2024. He stressed the importance of solidarity, urging activists to stand up for each other and send a strong message to those in power.

Jacob Ngarivhume, who couldn’t participate in the August 2023 elections due to imprisonment at the time, has been a vocal advocate for a more mature and inclusive approach to politics in Zimbabwe. His calls for collective action and unity within the opposition echo a growing sentiment among citizens striving for positive change in the country.