Zanu PF MP Dingumuzi Phuti Battles Court Decision to Overturn Election Wi

November 27, 2023
Zimbabwe high court bulawayo | Report Focus News

The former Member of Parliament for Bulilima, Dingumuzi Phuti, a member of the Zanu PF party, has urgently applied to the court for a reversal of a decision that nullified his August 23 election victory. The High Court had previously ruled in favor of Bekezela Maplanka, Phuti’s opponent, who claimed the election was tainted by voter intimidation, rigging, and vote buying. This led to a default judgement against Phuti.

Nqobizitha Ndlovu, Phuti’s attorney, argues that the election petition was not properly served to Phuti as required by the Electoral Act. According to Ndlovu, the papers were not delivered by the sheriff but by a clerk from the opposing party’s law firm, raising doubts about the service’s legality. Ndlovu is confident about the prospects of rescinding the judgement, citing a lack of concrete evidence in the allegations against Phuti.

The election, held on August 23, saw Phuti win with 7,185 votes, surpassing Maplanka’s 6,660. However, the combined vote total of opposition candidates, including those from CCC, ZAPU, and MRP, exceeded Phuti’s tally. Maplanka has accused Zanu PF of illegal campaigning and voter intimidation on Election Day.

Another election petition in Insiza South, also involving a Zanu PF candidate, Spare Sithole, is undergoing scrutiny. Paul Sifanjani Moyo of CCC has challenged Sithole’s victory, alleging electoral malpractice.

Additionally, the victory of Omphile Marupi of Zanu PF in Gwanda South is being contested by Patrick Dube of CCC. The case is set to be argued on November 29. Marupi won by a narrow margin of 842 votes.