Gen-Z’s fresh take on the sex scene

October 20, 2023
Travis Moyo Gen z | Report Focus News
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Drugs, sex and scandal.. all words which are prominent in todays powerful generation, Gen Z.

With sex no longer having the same stigma as it once did and no longer being seen as “taboo”, how have we as a community managed to break down the barriers that once surrounded sexuality and have we lifted the portcullis too high for the youth of today.

In todays times we see platforms solely based around sex being paraded online and becoming the biggest topics of conversation. We have Onlyfans being a huge stream of income and, somewhat, fame for many people worldwide. As well as onlyfans, we have also met a new content platform called playboy centrefold which was launched by Cardi B in collaboration with none other than Hugh Hefners household name empire, Playboy.

Gen Z have been a great generation when it comes to making a change in society and making spaces more freeing with less critique and judgment. But the question is, have we become oversaturated with such content and media.

Social media, regardless of its “age restrictions” is filled with all ages of all generations and everything is visible to whoever has a phone in their pocket, laptop on their desk and any other device you can find around.

We as a Gen-Z have our “It girls”, our “influencers” and our “top voices” all followed on our socials, and some of those people would not be where they are without the openness and culture of todays empowering youth.

We have the likes of Lottie Moss a content creator booming in the social media industry with her iconic looks and her successful onlyfans career, we also have Mia Khalifa the renowned adult star who is taking instagram, tiktok and the fashion industry by a storm with her incredible rebrand into the fashion world. Like Mia Khalifa there’s another huge name in our generation, that being Chloe Cherry, you may recognise her form her roll as Faye in euphoria or you might recognise her from her previous career, which like Mia was in the adult entertainment field.

With so many powerful creatives all flooding our screens regardless of their prior or current relations to drugs, sex and scandal it does lead to the encouraging fact that anyone can do anything they put their mind too however it also can push younger and more impressionable audiences to go into an industry they aren’t fully comfortable in just to achieve the status many have achieved before them.

To see things from the other side of the pond, would be to argue that all this talk and glamorisation surrounding the sex work industry is unhealthy, overdone and certainly has been made way too accessible for the youth and could lead to a whole new generation leaving their “day job” for the money and lifestyle provided by online or in person sex work.

Olivia Atwood a reality TV sensation recently began a show on ITVX diving into the world of sex work, each episode she introduces a new or different way people are using sex, nudity and promiscuity to earn a living and give themselves a lifestyle no one would be opposed too.

So, change is upon us and we as a generation have encouraged and pioneered for the liberation of sex work bringing the good news that sex is now a conversation you can have at the dinner table, however we can’t yet say the same for politics.

Travis Moyo Gen z | Report Focus News
Travis Moyo Gen z