Return of the Angles

September 15, 2023
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Social media is in a frenzy with the word on the street that the angles are back.

Over the last month we’ve been teased and intrigued with the news of the Victoria’s secret world tour for 2023. Across the VS social media platforms we’ve seen some of our favourite and most memorable faces such as Candice Swanepoel, Naomi Campbell and Adriana Lima, leaving us all engrossed in what’s to come next.

Speaking of our favourite faces, we were also given some of todays IT Girls, walking the streets of new york in fashions most cultivating and nostalgic accessory… The wings. On the VS social media platforms such as tiktok and instagram reels you will find Lila Moss and Iris law strutting through the city in a pair glamorous black and gold wings or trending artist Doechi at her nail appointment with her shining wings which resemble Anja Rubiks wings from the ballet segment of the 2011 Victoria secret Fashion show.

Victoria Secret shows were the hight of the fashion industry for years, the show was created by Edward Razek in 1995, and continued until 2018 where they took a somewhat unexpected hiatus. Now, this September, they’re back!!!

The Victoria secret fashion show carried so much love but also carried copious amounts of controversy. The show began receiving criticism when body inclusivity took over social media and the public became unhappy with the company for the lack there off.

Will we see a change this year?

The VS models were notorious for their extreme diets and work out regimes which gave them their “unattainable”, angelic and desirable beauty. Watching the show was not like watching “real people” walk a runway, it was like watching real angles grace the stage.

Many people were against the concept of inclusivity on the runway as it took away from the so called special sensation which came with watching people who had a look which was deemed impossible to posses.

Amongst their many campaign videos you can find a video of Paloma Elsesser, a plus size model, wearing a statuesque pair of gold wings, and that brings some inkling that they’ve listened to the inclusivity complaints and are making a change.

The VS shows were and still are adored by younger, as well as older, generations and have impacted so many people in positive and negative ways, many young people were effected badly by the show and around the early 2000s with the peak of tumblr and instagram being the next best thing a rise in eating disorder culture came forth and the “unattainable” beauty standard became something which people grew unhealthy tendencies in order to reach.

As this years show and teasers have proved, beauty is not a power possessed exclusively to those of a certain body type. Will this year’s

C65F6D15 AAB4 4301 BBA4 94A16D041F38 | Report Focus News
Return of the Angles

show bring back a rise in eating disorder culture or will this be something we will all love once again and applaud too for the effort, talent and heaven sent angels that work together hand in hand for the perfect fashion execution, The Victoria Secret Fashion Show.