CCC Spokesperson Dismisses 2020 Arrest Warrant, Police Pursuit Continues

August 26, 2023
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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Promise Mkhwananzi,

In a recent turn of events, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) spokesperson Promise Mkhwananzi, a well-known figure in the realm of political activism and multiple arrests, has vehemently refuted the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s claims surrounding a 2020 arrest warrant. The warrant purportedly pertains to Mkwananzi’s alleged failure to comply with court procedures.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is actively engaged in an endeavor to apprehend Promise Mkwananzi, the articulate voice of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), based on a lingering arrest warrant that was issued against him in the year 2020. Mkwananzi, notable for his vocal disapproval of the government’s actions, as well as his leadership role in the Tajamuka/Sesijikile pressure group, has recently assumed the mantle of CCC spokesperson, succeeding Fadzayi Mahere.

Speaking out on the matter, Mkhwananzi has firmly stated, “I would like to categorically clarify that there is no legitimate warrant for my arrest. I was, in fact, exonerated of all the unsubstantiated charges that had been leveled against me. These allegations are entirely devoid of truth and seem to exemplify desperate measures aimed at instilling fear and curtailing the fundamental liberties of ordinary citizens.”

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi of the police force, in an official communication, disclosed that Mkwananzi faces accusations linked to incitement for acts of public violence and has reportedly defaulted on adhering to court proceedings.

The official statement emerged shortly after a group of presumed state security agents disrupted a press briefing conducted by Mkwananzi, leading to an attempted forceful ejection of the spokesperson from the event’s premises. The incident has raised further questions about the extent of civil liberties and freedom of expression in the nation.

As the situation unfolds, the dispute between Promise Mkwananzi and the authorities continues to draw attention, shedding light on the intricate landscape of activism, law enforcement, and individual rights within Zimbabwe.