SADC declares Zimbabwe ready for peaceful, transparent, and credible elections

April 17, 2023
zimbabweelectionsoldier | Report Focus News

Zimbabwe is ready to hold general elections this year, according to the Southern African Development Community (SADC), which has given its stamp of approval for the upcoming polls. The region has been closely monitoring developments in Zimbabwe, with the SADC Electoral Advisory Council visiting the country for a pre-election assessment.

During the visit, the Advisory Council met with SADC diplomats accredited to Zimbabwe to gain a better understanding of the situation on the ground. The diplomats reported that all the necessary ingredients for peaceful, transparent, and credible elections are in place, paving the way for the polls expected to take place in either July or August this year.

The DRC Ambassador to Zimbabwe, His Excellency Mipwele Michel, expressed his confidence in the country’s security and peace, saying that elections can take place without any disturbance. He also emphasized that the elections should be free, fair, and democratic, adding that peaceful and tranquil elections will contribute to the development of the country.

The Namibia Charge D’ Affairs in Zimbabwe, Ms Zemha Gawahas, echoed Michel’s sentiments, saying that all the structures have been put in place by ZEC and all stakeholders, and that it is an exciting time to have these elections. She pledged her support for the Republic of Zimbabwe during this time, calling for peace and tranquillity to prevail.

The SADC Electoral Advisory Council Chairperson, Justice Ticheme Dlamini, expressed satisfaction with the meetings held with key stakeholders, including the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, opposition political parties, and the media. Dlamini is convinced that the election will be peaceful after receiving assurances from these key players.

The pre-election assessment process was part of the SADC Electoral Advisory Council’s efforts to ensure that the elections are peaceful, transparent, and credible. The upcoming polls in Zimbabwe will be closely watched by the region and the international community, with hopes that they will mark a new chapter in the country’s history.