Uebert Angel’s Lawyer Claims #GoldMafia Involvement was a ‘Classified National Intelligence Assignment

April 14, 2023
Ambassador at Large Uebert Angel's lawyer Lovemore Madhuku | Report Focus News
Ambassador at Large Uebert Angel's lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku,

Ambassador at Large Uebert Angel’s lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku, has responded to the recent Al Jazeera #GoldMafia graft expose by claiming that his client was part of a “Classified National Intelligence Assignment.” In an interview with our newspaper, Madhuku stated that his client’s involvement in the expose was all an act, and that he was working with the authorities to understand the intentions of the undercover journalists.

The Al Jazeera #GoldMafia graft expose revealed a network of corruption involving high-ranking officials in several countries. Among those implicated was Uebert Angel, who was accused of using his position to facilitate the smuggling of gold out of the country. The expose prompted an outcry from the public and led to calls for action against those involved.

However, Madhuku has now claimed that the allegations against his client were part of a larger operation to uncover corruption and illegal activities. According to Madhuku, Angel was approached by the authorities and asked to play a role in the investigation. He was tasked with interacting with the undercover journalists and gathering information about their motives and intentions.

“It was all an act,” Madhuku told our reporter. “My client was working with the authorities to uncover corruption and illegal activities. He was asked to play a role in this operation, and he did so to the best of his ability.”

Madhuku also claimed that his client had been cleared of any wrongdoing by the authorities. “The allegations against my client were baseless and unfounded,” he said. “He was cleared of any involvement in the smuggling of gold, and his reputation has been restored.”

The response from the authorities has been mixed. While some have praised Angel for his role in the investigation, others have criticized the use of undercover tactics and questioned the legality of the operation. The government has not yet commented on the matter.

The Al Jazeera #GoldMafia graft expose has brought to light the issue of corruption in the country and the need for greater transparency and accountability. While the controversy surrounding Uebert Angel’s involvement in the expose may have been resolved, the larger issue of corruption remains a pressing concern for the country and its citizens.