Zimbabwean man arrested for possession of explosives in South Africa

April 9, 2023
Zimbabwean arrested for possession of explosives in Mpumalanga | Report Focus News
Zimbabwean arrested for possession of explosives in Mpumalanga

A 31-year-old Zimbabwean man has been arrested in Sabie, Mpumalanga, South Africa for unlawful possession of explosives. The suspect was apprehended while walking in the street by the Mpumalanga Tactical Response Team and Mpumalanga Tracking Team on Thursday.

According to Brig Selvy Mohlala, a police spokesperson, the suspect was found in possession of 10 Superpower blasting cartridges, 10 green Cap Fuses, and 50m of Detonating Cord. The police suspect that the man might be part of the ATM bombing syndicates in the province, and further investigations will be conducted to establish his involvement.

Mohlala added that the Department of Home Affairs will also be brought on board, and charges under the Immigration Act might be added. The suspect was expected to appear in Sabie Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.

South Africa has been plagued by ATM bombings, and the police have been cracking down on the syndicates responsible. In March, the Mpumalanga armed forces seized explosives, pistols, and ammunition after cracking down on an ATM bombing syndicate in the province.

The arrest of the Zimbabwean man is another major breakthrough in the fight against crime in the province. The police are urging the public to report any suspicious activities that could lead to the arrest of criminals.

The Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa has not yet commented on the arrest of their national. The arrest comes at a time when relations between South Africa and Zimbabwe have been strained due to allegations of human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

The arrest of the Zimbabwean man is a reminder that crime knows no borders and that the fight against crime requires cooperation between countries. The South African police are commended for their swift action in apprehending the suspect and preventing a potential disaster.