Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba Denies Ambassador At Large Prophet Angel Dismissal Rumours in Tweet

April 1, 2023
Geoge Charamba | Report Focus News
Geoge Charamba

In a tweet posted yesterday, Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba denied rumours that President Emmerson Mnangagwa had fired Presidential Envoy and Ambassador At Large Uebert Angel. The rumours were spread by Mnangagwa’s biographer Eddie Cross.

Charamba stated in the tweet that, “Following claims circulating in social media that Zimbabwe’s Ambassador-at-Large, Ambassador Hubert Angel has been stripped of his ambassadorial status, kindly be advised that His Excellency the President, Dr ED who is the sole appointing authority of all Ambassadors representing the State of Zimbabwe, HAS NOT TAKEN SUCH A STEP. The Ambassador – at -Large remains in that status and executing all his duties as outlined at the time of his appointment. Please be so advised.”

This tweet came in response to claims circulating on social media that Angel had been removed from his position. The rumours caused concern and confusion among Zimbabweans, as Angel’s role as an ambassador is widely known and his dismissal would have had significant implications.

Charamba’s tweet has put these rumours to rest and clarified the situation. It is important for the public to rely on official statements and credible sources of information, rather than rumours and hearsay, in matters of national importance.

The Ambassador-at-Large is an important position that represents Zimbabwe’s interests abroad and serves as a liaison between the President and foreign governments. Angel, who is also a prominent businessman and religious leader, was appointed to the position in 2018.

This tweet from the Presidential Spokesperson reaffirms Angel’s status as an Ambassador-at-Large and provides reassurance to the public that there have been no changes to his appointment.