Former Opposition Councillor Wins Zanu-PF Primary Elections

March 28, 2023
| Report Focus News

Willard Moyo, a former councillor of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has won in Zanu-PF’s primary elections in Silobela Ward 29. Moyo left the opposition party, citing his belief that leader Nelson Chamisa is a dictator and a danger to Zimbabwe, and his desire to show that Zanu-PF is the people’s choice. He claims that President Mnangangwa will win the upcoming election with more than 5 million votes.

Moyo stated that he was approached by members of the local community to stand as their councillor and that he sees being a councillor as a calling and a community voluntary job. He emphasized that primary elections should not divide but rather unite the party.

Moyo’s victory has raised questions about the impact of his defection on the CCC and what it could mean for the upcoming election. It remains to be seen whether his decision to join Zanu-PF will have any impact on the voting preferences of the local community.

Meanwhile, the CCC has yet to release an official statement on Moyo’s departure. It remains to be seen whether the party will take any action in response to his decision to leave.

The upcoming election is shaping up to be a highly contested one, with various parties vying for power in Zimbabwe. It remains to be seen how things will play out and what the outcome will be.