Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Confirms No Proof of Residence Required on Voting Day

March 27, 2023
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission | Report Focus News
Zimbabwe Electoral Commission

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has clarified the requirements for voters participating in the upcoming 2023 harmonized elections. According to ZEC, voters are not required to provide proof of residence at the polling station on the day of the election. However, voters must bring proof of identity, such as a national ID or valid Zimbabwean passport.

The clarification was made in response to recent reports by a local publication claiming that registered voters should provide national identity cards or a Zimbabwean passport, as well as proof of residence when voting in the 2023 elections. The report cited a statement made by ZEC’s acting chief elections officer, Jane Chigidji, on March 21, 2023.

ZEC clarified that proof of residence is only required during voter registration to assign the voter to a specific polling station, not on the day of the election. On voting day, only proof of identity is required, such as an Identity Card or valid Zimbabwe passport, to cast a vote.

ZEC emphasized the importance of bringing proper identification documents to the polling station on election day to ensure a smooth and efficient voting process. The commission also encouraged all eligible voters to participate in the upcoming elections and exercise their right to vote.

The 2023 harmonized elections in Zimbabwe are expected to be highly contested, with several political parties and candidates vying for seats in parliament and local government. The elections will be closely monitored by local and international observers to ensure fairness and transparency in the electoral process.

ZEC has assured the public that it is committed to ensuring a free, fair, and credible election and urged all stakeholders to play their part in promoting peace and stability during the electoral period.