Zimbabwean Musician Sandra Ndebele Wins Zanu-PF Primary Elections

March 26, 2023
Zimbabwean Musician Sandra Ndebele Wins Zanu PF Primary Elections | Report Focus News
Zimbabwean Musician Sandra Ndebele Wins Zanu-PF Primary Elections

Zimbabwean musician Sandra Ndebele has won the Zanu-PF Primary Elections and will represent the party in the council elections in Pelandaba, Bulawayo later this year. Ndebele’s victory is a significant milestone for the entertainment industry, as it highlights the growing trend of artists seeking political office.

Ndebele, who is known for her fusion of traditional and contemporary music, has been a prominent figure in Zimbabwe’s music scene for over two decades. Her decision to run for political office is seen by many as a move to use her platform to make a difference in her community.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to represent my party in the upcoming council elections,” Ndebele said. “I believe that as an artist, I have a unique perspective on the issues that affect our society. I am looking forward to working with the people of Pelandaba to address their needs and concerns.”

Ndebele’s victory is not the first time that an artist has entered the political arena in Zimbabwe. The country’s late legendary musician Oliver Mtukudzi was a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and an advocate for various social causes.

Ndebele’s foray into politics is seen as a significant step forward for Zimbabwe’s entertainment industry, which has long been plagued by a lack of support and opportunities for artists. Her victory is also a reflection of the changing political landscape in Zimbabwe, where the ruling party is seeking to broaden its appeal by embracing candidates from diverse backgrounds.

As the country prepares for both council and general elections later this year, Ndebele’s victory is a reminder of the power of individual voices in shaping the country’s future. For many, it is an encouraging sign that change is possible, even in the most unexpected places.