Thousands Demand UK Freeze Assets of Zimbabwean Prophet Uebert Angel Over Resource Looting

March 26, 2023
Gold Mafia Episode 1 The Laundry Service I Al Jazeera Investigations | Report Focus News
Gold Mafia Episode 1 The Laundry Service I Al Jazeera Investigations

More than 6,473 people have signed a petition on calling for the freezing of self-proclaimed businessman and prophet Uebert Angel’s assets in the UK. The petition alleges that Angel, along with Zimbabwe’s President of Mines Henrietta Rushwaya, have been involved in money laundering and smuggling of gold out of Zimbabwe to Dubai, with other nationalities also allegedly involved.

The petition was prompted by a documentary by Al Jazeera, which purportedly uncovered evidence of these illegal activities. The documentary also revealed that President Emmerson Mnangagwa appointed Angel as Zimbabwe’s ambassador for Europe and America.

The petitioners argue that the resources and money acquired through illegal means could help build back Zimbabwe’s economy, which has collapsed, leaving the people facing hardship, poverty, and a lack of basic services. The healthcare system lacks equipment and medication, and health professionals have fled the country in search of better salaries elsewhere in the diaspora. The education system is also poor, with no facilities in schools for children to learn, and the infrastructure is inadequate, with no proper sanitation, clean water, or electricity.

The roads are in a terrible condition, and people have lost their lives due to the poor state of the highways, which lack proper servicing and maintenance. The people of Zimbabwe are forced to rely on boreholes donated by other Zimbabweans in the diaspora, as there is no clean water. There have also been deaths caused by fire, as people use firewood, gas, and candles to illuminate their homes in the absence of electricity.

The petitioners are calling on Zimbabweans and sympathizers around the world to take action and bring an end to these alleged illegal activities. The petition demands that Angel’s assets in the UK be frozen and that he be arrested for the crimes he has allegedly committed.

To sign the petition, please visit:

The allegations made in the petition are serious and require further investigation. The UK and Zimbabwean authorities must work together to ensure that any illegal activities are brought to light and that those responsible are held accountable. The people of Zimbabwe deserve better, and it is time for action to be taken to rebuild the country’s economy and improve the lives of its citizens.