CCC Opposition Party Launches WhatsApp ChatBot to Boost Voter Engagement in Zimbabwe

March 26, 2023
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ChatBot to Boost Voter Engagement in Zimbabwe

The opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has launched a new initiative aimed at improving communication with citizens and providing easy access to information on the party’s activities. Led by Nelson Chamisa, the CCC says its youth task-force has created a WhatsApp ChatBot that will allow citizens to instantly access important information.

According to a statement released by the CCC, the WhatsApp ChatBot will provide citizens with updates on the party’s activities, voter registration, and any other key information. This is seen as a significant move by the opposition party, which is looking to connect with voters and engage them in the political process.

The ChatBot is expected to be a useful tool for the CCC as the country prepares for its next general elections. With the use of mobile phones on the rise in Zimbabwe, the ChatBot is seen as a way of reaching out to a wider audience and engaging them in a more interactive way.

Speaking on the launch of the ChatBot, a representative from the CCC said:

“Our youth task-force has launched a WhatsApp ChatBot which enables citizens to instantly access information on the party’s activities, voter registration and any other key information. We believe this is a significant step towards improving communication with citizens and engaging them in the political process.”

The CCC is one of the main opposition parties in Zimbabwe, and has been vocal in its criticism of the ruling party. With the country facing economic challenges and political uncertainty, the opposition is hoping to make gains in the next elections, which are scheduled for 2023.

The launch of the WhatsApp ChatBot is just one of the many initiatives that the CCC is undertaking in its efforts to engage with citizens and improve its chances at the polls. With social media and mobile phones playing an increasingly important role in political campaigns, the CCC is hoping that the ChatBot will give it an edge in the upcoming elections.