Destruction and death in Zimbabwe’s Gwanda district as heavy rains and strong winds hit the area

January 6, 2023
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zimbabwe gwanda rain

An elderly man has died and homes and school infrastructure were destroyed when heavy rains accompanied by strong winds pounded Gwanda district in Zimbabwe on Wednesday night. The man was swept away in Mlenje River in Mawaza village and his body was later found 2.5 kilometers downstream by community members.

Acting Gwanda District Development Coordinator Thulani Moyo said that the destruction caused by the rains was a setback for the district, which had been working to improve the fortunes of its residents. Eight classrooms at Matshiya Primary School had their roofs blown off, while a classroom at Kafusi Secondary School was hit by lightning and sustained cracks. Several homes in Simbumbumbu Village were also destroyed. The value of the damaged property has not yet been determined.

Moyo called on community members and the corporate world to assist with fixing the damage at Matshiya Primary School and Kafusi Secondary School ahead of the start of the school year on Tuesday. He also urged residents to take caution during the heavy rains and stay indoors. The Meteorological Services Department and the Department of Civil Protection have issued a warning for citizens to be on high alert for more intense torrential rains in several provinces starting on Friday.