Notorious Zimbabwean Armed Robber Toba Shot and Killed by South African Police

December 21, 2022
| Report Focus News

A notorious armed robber from Plumtree, Zimbabwe, known as Toba or Small, was recently killed by South African police.

Toba had gained infamy for his robbery sprees in both Zimbabwe and South Africa, and was reportedly part of a three-man gang that robbed a jewelry store in the Western Cape area on December 6.

After the robbery, the gang fled in a BMW and engaged in a shootout with the police, during which Toba was killed and two of his accomplices escaped. The two remaining suspects later hijacked another vehicle, but were eventually tracked down and killed by the police.

Many social media users celebrated Toba’s death, with some alleging that he was a ruthless and cold-blooded killer who had murdered numerous people in both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Some described him as the most feared man in Plumtree and said that he would go to great lengths to harm those who crossed him, including threatening to kill his own grandmother.