South African authorities seize Marry Mubaiwa’s Pretoria home and Range Rovers

December 20, 2022
| Report Focus News

The ex-wife of Zimbabwe’s Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, Marry Mubaiwa, is facing further difficulties as a South African court has ordered the seizure of her Pretoria home and two Land Rover vehicles until her trial for money laundering and fraud in Zimbabwe is concluded.

The seizure was requested by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC), who are investigating Mubaiwa’s offenses. The property is believed to have been purchased with crime proceeds allegedly acquired by Mubaiwa while she was married to the Vice President.

The High Court in South Africa has prohibited any actions that may involve the property, including removal, possession, control, or interference with it, until the outcome of the forfeiture proceedings, which will be instituted under the Prevention of Organized Crime Act.

Mubaiwa will have the opportunity to defend the forfeiture order, which was granted following an application by South Africa’s National Director of Public Prosecutions.

The property was registered under subsidiaries of East Town Commodities, a company owned by Mubaiwa. The case against Mubaiwa stems from allegations that she fraudulently exported funds to South Africa to buy properties, using proforma invoices for the purchase of event tents, chairs, and prepaid meters, which were referred to the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe as if they were intended for the purchase of goods, but the funds were allegedly used to buy her personal properties.