A CCC councillor is supporting the campaign of a Zanu PF MP in Silobela

December 20, 2022
| Report Focus News

At a prize giving ceremony at Donsa Primary School in Silobela, a councillor from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Willard Moyo, shocked attendees by encouraging them to vote for the incumbent Member of Parliament (MP), Mthokozisi Manoki-Mpofu, from the rival Zanu PF party in the upcoming elections.

Moyo, who is a councillor for the Zibagwe Rural District Council, defended his statement by stating that citizens should vote for candidates who are not constantly focused on elections and have time for development issues, like Manoki-Mpofu.

Moyo praised Manoki-Mpofu for his contributions to the school and the community, including providing clean water and electricity to the area, and said that people should vote for leadership that is able to work with individuals from different political backgrounds and prioritize development.

Manoki-Mpofu was reportedly surprised by Moyo’s comments, given the history of rivalry between their political parties.