Man dies during hour-long sex session with sex worker

November 7, 2022
| Report Focus News

The love of sex ended in tears for Chikabura family after their family member died during hour-long sex session with a sex worker in Chitungwiza.

According to police Denis Chikabudura (46) died on Thursday night while having quality time with a commercial sex worker Petronella Musanda (27) at her place of residents.

“At around 21:30 hours the now deceased had difficulties in breathing while having sex with Musanda and he died,” the police said.

His brother Tirivangani was informed and latter advised the police.

The police attended the scene and discovered his life less body with froth and blood on his nose.

No foul play is being suspected and the case is being investigated at Zengeza police station under RRB number 5359562.