Professor Jonathan Moyo sold his sister for political expediency

April 1, 2022
| Report Focus News
Jonathan Moyo and George Charamba

In a bizarre case of love and politics, Report Focus News has it on good authority that Professor Jonathan Moyo who is exiled in Kenya after escaping death following the 2017 coup that saw former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe ousted from power, has given his sister to George Charamba his erstwhile enemy who currently serves in the Munagagwa government that haunted him into exile.

In November 2017, Charamba was reportedly part of the Constantino Chiwenga-led military plotters who staged a military coup that forced late President Mugabe to resign from the presidency.

Professor Moyo who was a key architect of the deposed G40 has found a brother-in-law in George Charamba.
Charamba is said to have fallen in love with Moyo’s sister and this has softened the tone and improved the relationship between Moyo and Charamba.

Charamba and Simiso Mlevu are said to have found love. However, Moyo’s consenting to the relationship between Charamba and his sister can only be based on grounds of political expediency, as opposed to family values.

Some commentators, are speculating that Moyo could be creating a soft landing spot for himself to come back into Zimbabwe.

Recent exchanges on Twitter have seen Charamba saying Moyo is welcome back to Zimbabwe with open arms.

There have also been reports that Charamba has done all he can to defend and protect Moyo’s interests in Zimbabwe this includes the farm that Moyo is said to own.

The spat between Moyo and Charamba is well documented on the micro blogging website Twitter.

At one point Moyo accused Charamba of being a wife beater, even claiming to have bloodied cloths of Charamba’s then wife Rudo.

Charamba was accused of beating up his wife Rudo in a domestic row over a missing gun. It was also alleged that Charamba indulged in other immoral activities.

It was reported that Charamba attacked his wife, Rudo, who had just been released from hospital at the time. This angered family members and government officials. The case was reported to have been reported at Borrowdale police station after relatives and friends intervened. Charamba was said to have in turn made a report at Highlands police station about a missing gun.

Professor Moyo is well aware of Charamba’s record, which begs the question as to why he has consented to giving away his sister to Charamba?
Love or political expediency that is the question.