Zimbabwe’s Nelson Chamisa weighs in on the arrest of war veterans

October 27, 2021
| Report Focus News

Nelson Chamisa the leader of the MDC Alliance has weighed in on the arrest of war veterans.

Commenting on the recent arrest of war veterans who were rounded up and bundled away in police trucks, in Harare.

The opposition leader posted a statement on his official microblog platform (Twitter) saying

“AS A PEOPLE’S GOVERNMENT we will never harass,terrorize,disrespect, victimize,ignore or forget our war veterans and liberation heroes.Their welfare & dignity is & shall be our top priority.All their grievances must be addressed.Stop arresting & harassing our liberation heroes.”

Police in Harare rounded up disgruntled war veterans protesting their paltry monthly allowances.

These senior citizens were later filmed singing lamentation like songs reminisce of war time songs pleading with the spirits and ancestors of the nation to lead and protect them.

The war veterans had intended to submit a petition bearing a prolonged list of their grievances to President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Munhumutapa offices.

But instead the police corralled the and loaded them on to trucks which took them into police cells.