Rwandan President Kagame: Says we need quality teachers from Zimbabwe

September 30, 2021
| Report Focus News

President Paul Kagame indicated that Rwanda was in need of quality teachers from Zimbabwe.

Speaking to a delegation from Zimbabwe led by their Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Frederick Shava, the that Rwandan leader said “give us a number we can absorb them we urgently need quality teachers from that country (Zimbabwe).

The head of state was interacting with over 200 participants during the inaugural Rwanda-Zimbabwe Trade and Investment Conference that is ongoing in Kigali since Tuesday.
“I think Zimbabwe can offer us good teachers,” Kagame said.

Zimbabwe is renowned for its high standards of education, however, the economic challenges that a lot of Zimbabweans have face locally led to an outward migration as many sought greener pastures elsewhere.

Zimbabwe has suffered a huge brain drain and this has in many ways adversely affected the standards of not only education but life in general.

Should Kagame’s call trigger a wave of outward migration by teachers the education system and standards in Zimbabwe could suffer yet another blow.