Kim Jong Un reported dead

April 25, 2020
kim jong un | Report Focus News

The past few weeks have seen an intensification of rumours concerning Kim Jong Un’s health.

However, multiple sources are claiming that the North Korean leader has died.

The 36 year old Kim Jong Un took over the leadership of North Korea in 2011 after his father Kim Jong Il reportedly died of a heart attack. Kim Jong Il had succeeded his father, Kim Il Sung, who died of a heart attack in 1994.

Multiple reports from sources close to North Korea claimed that the Kim was in a ‘vegetative state’ after he underwent heart surgery.
Kim Jong Un’s whereabouts have not been known, in the past few weeks but it is now widely believed he has died and may have been dead for a while.
With some reports stating that North Korea’s leader may have died from the corona virus due to his underlying health issues not least amongst them obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.

Strangely North Korea has claimed zero COVID-19 cases.

Experts say nothing regarding North Korea and particularly its supreme leader’s death can be independently confirmed. Thus, the world will have to wait for officials in North Korea to verify the news and make a announcement with regards Kim Jong Un.

However speculation is already rife that should it be confirmed that Kim Jong Un is dead, the smart money is on his little sister, 31 year old Kim Yo Jong, as her successor.
Kim Yo Jong is thought to be the youngest child of Kim Jong Il’s mistress Ko Yong Hui, who also gave birth to Kim and his older brother, Kim Jong Chol.