Zimbabwean government riled by US sanction extension

March 5, 2020
| Report Focus News

Government has expressed disappointment over the extension of sanctions by one more from the United States of America.

A statement by the Permanent Secretary on Information and Publicity, Nick Mangwana said the decision by the Trump administration was baffling.

“Government has noted with dismay the White House message to the United States Congress, in which a decision was made to extend the sanctions against the Republic of Zimbabwe for one more year. Once again the Government of the United States has chosen to strangely characterise Zimbabwe as a country that poses an extra-ordinary threat to the foreign policy of the United States We find this a baffling position,” said Mangwana

He said Zimbabwe wanted to transact with countries of the world without restrictions.

“All the Zimbabwean Government asks for is to be allowed space to be a full member of the community of nations transacting without restrictions as other nations do. We do not seek to interfere with the foreign policy or interests of any nation and we have no history of doing that.

“The Government of Zimbabwe strongly objects to the unfounded assertion that its security forces engaged in acts of extra judicial killings and rape against its own citizens in the last year. Any acts of criminality by anyone are subjected to the criminal justice process of the country” he said

In a statement released Wednesday, the White House says President Mnangagwa had an opportunity to implement reforms after he succeeded the later former President Robert Mugabe, but instead, “Mnangagwa’s administration has yet to signal credible political will to implement such reforms.”