White House Official explains why the US ignored SADC regarding Sanctions on Zimbabwe

March 8, 2019
| Report Focus News

Watch the video below, a White House officials explains why Trump defied calls from SADC leaders to lift sanctions on Zimbabwe.

The renewal of sanctions against the Zimbabwean government now led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa is a slap in the face for SADC whose leaders have intensified their demands for the scrapping of the measures by the superpower.

According to the White House the sanctions on Zimbabwe are not comprehensive sanctions, but, are sanctions targeting certain persons and senior officials in the Zimbabwean government that have participated in human rights abuses related to political repression or they have engaged in facilitating public corruption by senior officials…

However, the Zimbabwean government continues to single out sanctions as the biggest hindrance to its bid to turn around the fortunes of the national economy.

Meanwhile opposition parties and civil society organisations insist that the Mnangagwa administration has not done anything to see the country break from its bitter past under his predecessor and thus , targeted sanctions are justified until considerable reforms are manifest on the ground.