MP Chamisa takes refuge at Zimbabwe police station

January 23, 2020
| Report Focus News

Harare- MDC legislator for Mbare constituency, Starman Chamisa is reported to have taken refuge at Matapi Police Station, in Harare after suspected Zanu PF youths attacked residents and MDC supporters

A statement released by MDC deputy national spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka late last night said the youths went on a rampage attacking residents.

“Zanu PF youths armed with machetes and logs have gone on the rampage in Mbare indiscriminately attacking residents following President Nelson Chamisa’s highly successful address to the Nation delivered at Stodart Hall in the township yesterday (Tuesday)” said Tamborinyoka

He said the youths ran amok dispersing groups of people who were going about their business, alleging that legislator for the area Starman Chamisa sought cover at a police station.

“The Zanu PF youths have run amok and wreaked havoc by attacking residents and dispersing any group of innocent residents going about their business. The MP for the area, Hon. Starman Chamisa is reportedly holed up in a police station, hiding from the marauding gang. He has just tweeted saying he was still holed up in the police station as the machete-wielding youths continue to bay for his blood” he said

He added “Hon.  Chamisa was holed up in the police station where he had gone to check up on party supporters who has been needlessly arrested in the morning before the rowdy youths turned up to cause commotion at the station”

Meanwhile, Tamborinyoka says the address by Nelson Chamisa on Tuesday had rattled the Mnangagwa regime.

“The regime has now fallen into its default mode of violence. Impeccable sources said the meeting held by JOC early this week had put in  place elaborate plans to abduct and torture MDC leaders and party youths in the various townships in Harare so as to engender fear in the country in a desperate bid to stop Zimbabweans from engaging in peaceful action to express their displeasure at the parlous economic situation” said Tamborinyoka “The terror tactics are meant to ensure that Zimbabweans get scared away from their democratic and Constitutional right to express their unhappiness at the deteriorating situation in the country.

On Tuesday, President Nelson Chamisa told the nation that the endemic poverty in the country, the joblessness, power and fuel shortages, the rising cost of basic commodities and the deteriorating living conditions were the signal that the people needed to act to end their situation”