Malawi national intelligence officer captured on petrol bombing allegations

September 12, 2019
| Report Focus News

There was a commotion in Lilongwe capital city, Malawi when security team for members of the Human Rights Defenders Coalition who are coordinating post-election protests, captured a suspected Malawi National Intelligence Officer, alleged to have been taking part in the petrol bombing of the coalition members property.

The coalition members and some opposition politicians have been victims of several petrol bombing attacks by suspected regime thugs.

Tomothy Mtambo , the coalition Chairperson for the coalition escaped death with his family last month when unknown thugs invaded and petrol bombing his house at night.

A few days later, his uncle was killed by a police vehicle in a move described by the human rights Defenders as an organised incident.

Two weeks later, Mtambo’s family house was also petrol-bombed in his home village.

The incident was followed by the petrol bombing of opposition Malawi Congress Party official car in the commercial city of Blantyre.

An eye witness Madaliso Mwenda has described the alleged government security officer as C.C Kafumbwa.

He said the suspects were first spotted at crossroads Hotel where Coalition members were holding a meeting with the Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale to map the way forward on peaceful demonstrations.

The suspect was chased alongside others as they allegedly attempted to burn a car for one of the coalition members.

“I can confirm that the suspect today at around 1 o’clock was following the HRDC leadership at warm heart Villa where HRDC members were having lunch, the HRDC security easily recognised him upon entering the premise and thus when he started running untill he was caught,” said the eye witness.

He added “As I speak now the person is under citizen arrest and police have been informed to come to the scene. The person is said to be an intelligence officer working under OPC.

“I have been tasked to request if any media house is close by area 10 they can rush there to take pictures before he is taken by police,” he said.

We were unable to get an immediate comment from the police or the Human Rights Defenders Coalition on the matter.